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Towns and Temples Along the Mississippi, Towns and Temples Along the Mississippi, 081730455X, 0-8173-0455-X, 978-0-8173-0455-3, 9780817304553, , , Towns and Temples Along the Mississippi, 0817383115, 0-8173-8311-5, 978-0-8173-8311-4, 9780817383114,

Towns and Temples Along the Mississippi
Edited by David H. Dye and Cheryl Anne Cox

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1990. 306 pp.
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2009. 306 pp.
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A Dan Josselyn Memorial Publication

Specialists from archaeology, ethnohistory, physical anthropology, and cultural anthropology bring their varied points of view to this subject in an attempt to answer basic questions about the nature and extent of social change within the time period. The scholars' overriding concerns include presentation of a scientifically accurate depiction of the native cultures in the Central Mississippi Valley prior and immediately subsequent to European contact and the need to document the ensuing social and biological changes that eventually led to the widespread depopulation and cultural reorientation. Their findings lead to three basic hypotheses that will focus the scholarly research for decades to come.

Contributors include:

George J. Armelagos, Ian W. Brown, Chester B. DePratter, George F. Fielder, Jr., James B. Griffin, M. Cassandra Hill, Michael P. Hoffman, Charles Hudson, R. Barry Lewis, Dan F. Morse, Phyllis A. Morse, Mary Lucas Powell, Cynthia R. Price, James F. Price, Gerald P. Smith, Marvin T. Smith, and Stephen Williams

David H. Dye is an Associate Professor of Archaeology in the Earth Sciences Department at the University of Memphis. He received his doctorate in anthropology from Washington University in St. Louis in 1980. Dr. Dye’s recent work has focused on the archaeology of warfare in the Eastern Woodlands. He is coeditor with Cheryl Anne Cox of Towns and Temples Along the Mississippi.

"Towns and Temples brings together scholars who focus their effort upon the Central Mississippi Valley during a 400-year period that witnessed dramatic and absolute changes in a traditional way of life."
—John F. Scarry, Florida Department of State

"Explores the transformation of the Central Mississippi Valley aboriginal cultures between A.D. 1350 and 1650, focusing on the Memphis area, . . . Its authors examine one of the most complex and least understood cultural processes--the transfiguration of Native American cultures under the impact of European invasion and contact. It is a formidable task."
American Antiquity

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