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To Whom It May Concern, To Whom It May Concern, 0932511317, 0-932511-31-7, 978-0-932511-31-7, 9780932511317, , , To Whom It May Concern, 0932511325, 0-932511-32-5, 978-0-932511-32-4, 9780932511324,

To Whom It May Concern
by Raymond Federman

1990. 186 pp.
Price:  $24.95 s
Quality Paper
1990. 186 pp.
Price:  $16.95 s

This book consists of a set of letters from an unidentified writer to an unidentified recipient. In the letters, a writer sets forth his plans for a book about two children who were separated from their families during a war. He plans to invent a narration that will fully reveal their experiences during that war, experiences that are at the base of their reality, and the memory of which will also retrieve them from their present, supernumerary lives.

The two children, it develops, escaped the roundups of Jews in a city much like Paris during World War II. The book contains the story of their ambiguous survival, which may or may not be that of the author. Now, fifty years later, the two have re-established contact and plan a reunion in Israel.

In the last scene of the book two figures, their features obscured by the long shadows of evening, lean toward one another as they speak from the confidence of their hearts. Also there, listening, is the writer of the letters that form the book. The novel ends mysteriously, and so continues to vibrate in our imagination. To Whom it May Concern will join that short list of books we treasure most deeply, those few statements that remind us of who we are, and of what we are capable.

Raymond Federman was born in 1928 in France. His novels have been translated into fourteen languages and include Smiles on Washington Square, winner of the American Book Award.

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