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Tell the World You're a Wildflower, Tell the World You're a Wildflower, 0817318453, 0-8173-1845-3, 978-0-8173-1845-1, 9780817318451, , , Tell the World You're a Wildflower, 0817387773, 0-8173-8777-3, 978-0-8173-8777-8, 9780817387778,

Tell the World You're a Wildflower
Jennifer Horne

Trade Cloth
2014. 176 pp.
Price:  $29.95 t
E Book
176 pp.
Price:  $29.95 d

Tell the World You’re a Wildflower is a collection of loosely interwoven stories in the voices of southern women and girls of different ages and backgrounds. Beginning with the youngest characters and ending with the oldest, the stories encompass plastic surgery and white supremacists, family secrets and family trees, the United Daughters of the Confederacy and a young writer who describes her work in progress as “the bastard love-child of William Faulkner and Alice Walker.”
In Tell the World You’re a Wildflower, each character must decide what to tell, whether to tell it, and to whom to tell it. Each struggles with questions of identity and truth, trying to understand who she is and what holds true for her. Some tell their stories plainly, directly, others more obliquely, nesting one within another. Anchored in the tradition of southern storytelling, these women contend with loss, change, and growth while going to church, school, and prison, navigating love and sex, and worrying too much about what people might think.
Yet these women generally refuse to behave, and they wander in and out of each other’s stories just like people do in small towns across the South. Small town lives are always interconnected: your third-grade teacher is your new neighbor’s aunt and the boy you dated your senior year falls from political grace after being caught in a hot tub with your second cousin. Though they may have had little say in where they were planted, Horne’s protagonists nevertheless do their best to bloom.
Rich, multifaceted, and unforgettable, Tell the World You’re a Wildflower is the work of a veteran explorer of the twentieth and twenty-first century South. Horne’s quest to understand her culture through decades of reading and observing has now yielded these narratives that imaginatively and insightfully enter the hearts and minds of southern women.

Raised in Arkansas and a longtime resident of Alabama, Jennifer Horne is a writer, editor, teacher, and blogger who explores Southern identity and experience, especially women’s, through prose, poetry, fiction, and anthologies and in classrooms and workshops across the South. A recipient of fellowships from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the Seaside Institute in Florida, she is the editor of Working the Dirt: An Anthology of Southern Poets and the author of a poetry collection, Bottle Tree. With Wendy Reed, she coedited the essay collections All Out of Faith: Southern Women on Spirituality and Circling Faith: Southern Women on Spirituality.

“In Jennifer Horne's collection, Tell the World You're a Wildflower, she offers up a patchwork of colorful vignettes stitched together by the earnest voices of Southern girls and women. As in real life, all the small and irregular pieces work together to create a compelling world.”
—Nanci Kincaid, author of Crossing Blood, Balls, Pretending the Bed Is a Raft, and Eat, Drink, and Be from Mississippi

“While these true-hearted, lyrical stories often give voice to the voiceless, some of the details will seem drawn from your own memories. For example, for me: the gift of ‘a tiny silver goblet fashioned from a chewing gum wrapper.’ That image also suggests the nature of some of the very short stories of Jennifer Horne's collection; they are poignant, handcrafted, slightly mystical, able to convey simultaneously both hope and sorrow. Horne's stories glitter like pinpricked stars against the impenetrable immensity of reality.”
—Sena Jeter Naslund, author of Ahab's Wife, Four Spirits, Abundance, and most recently The Fountain of St. James Court; or, Portrait of the Artist as an Old Woman

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