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Stolen Stories, Stolen Stories, 0914590847, 0-914590-84-7, 978-0-914590-84-2, 9780914590842, , , Stolen Stories, 0914590855, 0-914590-85-5, 978-0-914590-85-9, 9780914590859,

Stolen Stories
by Steve Katz

1984. 150 pp.
Price:  $24.95 s
Quality Paper
1984. 150 pp.
Price:  $16.95 s

Written throughout the '70s, these stories, prose delicacies, extravaganzas of American language, are set in New York City, Idaho and Oregon wilderness, Indiana middle America, Mobay, Jamaica-all places lit by a thieving imagination-featuring talking dogs, a man made of wax, a lover packaged in a disposable tube, Rastafarian evenings, the art world expurgated, bumpkins, lions, perfect relationships-funny stories, stories of conviction, written with passion and clarity-molecules of language embossed on the motions of the heart.

"What Katz has done is open up another dimension of communication within the closed idea of what constitutes the novel...The book is a positive step into the unique atmosphere of today, it shakes off the past like a heavy, dull stone; it is healthy and bold (in a curiously modest way) and gives hope to fiction and the elastic resources of the human head."
—Seymour Krim

"Like Rimbaud, Steve Katz was formed of ice and polar nights, and as always he is much alive, hurt and hurting, loed and loving, a contentious knight of Hope out to do battle with the toothless electronic Dragon of Commerce."
—American Book Review

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