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A Soldier's Story of His Regiment (61st Georgia), A Soldier's Story of His Regiment (61st Georgia), 0817356460, 0-8173-5646-0, 978-0-8173-5646-0, 9780817356460, , Seeing the Elephant, A Soldier's Story of His Regiment (61st Georgia), 0817385231, 0-8173-8523-1, 978-0-8173-8523-1, 9780817385231, , Seeing the Elephan

A Soldier's Story of His Regiment (61st Georgia)
And Incidentally of the Lawton-Gordon-Evans Brigade Army of Northern Virginia
George W. Nichols

Quality Paper
2011. 330 pp.
9 illustrations
Price:  $34.95 s
E Book
2011. 330 pp.
Price:  $22.50 d

One of the classic narratives of front line infantry service in the Army of Northern Virginia

Nichol’s 61st Georgia fought in the renowned brigade commanded consecutively by generals Alexander R. Lawton, John B. Gordon, and Clement A. Evans.

Framed without any excess of sentimental hindsight, in addition to reporting on great battles and dramatic moments, Nichol’s told the story of two cousins killing each other in a quarrel about cooking duties and described maggot-infested corpses around Spotsylvania’s Bloody Angle.

Includes an annotated roster of the 61st supplies which details about Nichol’s fellow veterans, some of which is not available anywhere else.

Keith S. Bohannon is an associate professor of history at the University of West Georgia and coeditor of Campaigning with “Old Stonewall”: Confederate Captain Ujanirtus Allen’s Letters to His Wife.

“Years of exhaustive research have made Professor K. S. Bohannon of the University of West Georgia the nonpareil leading authority on Georgia’s Civil War troops. Bohannon’s introduction adduces strong new evidence about George Nichols and his book. A thorough index also makes the work more accessible than earlier editions.”
—Robert K. Krick, author of The Smoothbore Volley That Doomed the Confederacy: The Death of Stonewall Jackson and Other Chapters on the Army of Northern Virginia
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