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A Small but Spartan Band
The Florida Brigade in Lee's Army of Northern Virginia
by Zack C. Waters, James C. Edmonds

E Book
2013. 272 pp.
21 illustrations
Price:  $29.95 d
Quality Paper
2013. 272 pp.
21 illustrations
Price:  $29.95 s

A unit that saw significant action in many of the engagements of the Civil War’s eastern theater.
Until this work, no comprehensive study of the Florida units that served in Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia (ANV) had been attempted, and problems attend the few studies of particular Florida units that have appeared. Based on more than two decades of research, Waters and Edmonds have produced a study that covers all units from Florida in the ANV, and does so in an objective and reliable fashion.
Drawn from what was then a turbulent and thinly settled frontier region, the Florida troops serving in the Confederacy were never numerous, but they had the good or bad luck of finding themselves at crucial points in several significant battles such as Gettysburg where their conduct continues to be a source of contention. Additionally, the study of these units and their service permits an examination of important topics affecting the Civil War soldier: lack of supplies, the status of folks at home, dissension over civilian control of soldiers and units from the various Confederate states, and widespread and understandable problems of morale. Despite the appalling conditions of combat, these soldiers were capable of the highest courage in combat. This work is an important contribution to the record of Lee’s troops, ever a subject of intense interest.

Zack C. Waters is Adjunct Professor of history at Georgia Highlands College. He has published articles on Florida’s CSA history in Florida Historical Quarterly, Civil War Regiments, Apalachee Review, and El Escribano.
James C. Edmonds is self-employed in Port Royal, South Carolina.

“By relying heavily on primary sources, including journals, diaries, newspapers, letters, and court records, the authors have succeeded in producing what may well be the finest account of Florida’s troops in General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. . . . An engaging book that is sure to appeal to academics and nonacademics alike.”—Journal of Southern History

A Small but Spartan Band: The Florida Brigade in Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia makes a timely contribution to the history of the Confederacy by showcasing soldiers from its least populous state. In addition to describing the experiences of Floridians in the Eastern Theater of the war, it brings forth some original frameworks for examining familiar military campaigns and fulfills its purpose ‘to fill a void’ (p.1) in Civil War history.”—On Point: The Journal of Army History

"A Small but Spartan Band offers a thoughtful history of the Florida Brigade and a briskly written narrative, with concise summaries of the battles and campaigns suitable for both professional and armchair historians. The book is also generously illustrated with twenty-one images, including ten maps. With this volume, the authors have gone a long way to restoring the credit Captain Bryan and his comrades deserve."—The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society

A Small but Spartan Band brings the nature and rigors of Civil War life alive in a vivid and meaningful manner. The Florida Brigade, its men, and its experiences merit this consideration. The story of their sacrifices helps us to better understand the realities endured at the nation’s great turning point.”—Canter Brown Jr., author of Fort Meade, 1849–1900 and Florida’s Black Public Officials, 1867–1924

2011 Charlton Tebeau Award given by the Florida Historical Society