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Saw, Saw, 1573660469, 1-57366-046-9, 978-1-57366-046-4, 9781573660464,

by Steve Katz

Quality Paper
1999. 170 pp.
Price:  $18.95 s

Saw is a milestone novel of the seventies. It is the first work of fiction ever to hide a hippopotamous. For the first time what has come to be recognized as a common modern neurosis, astronaut angst, gets full play in the fictional universe. For the first time anywhere in the history of fiction, in one of the most passionate encounters ever written, Eileen mates with a Sphere. Solid geometry finally has a face. The Cylinder is a nemesis, and its terrifying accomplishments rill on like a nightmare for this astronaut. This is a work of science fiction, geometric fiction, irrefutable fact, and gourmand fantasies.

Steve Katz, whose Swanny's Way won the American Award in fiction in 1995 was acclaimed for this novel by the New York Times Book Review as a "...witty fantasist who can homogenize pop detritus, campy slang and halluncination to achieve inspired chaos."

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