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Points of Honor, Points of Honor, 0817359117, 0-8173-5911-7, 978-0-8173-5911-9, 9780817359119, , War, Memory, and Culture, Points of Honor, 0817391789, 0-8173-9178-9, 978-0-8173-9178-2, 9780817391782, , War, Memory, and Cultur

Points of Honor
Short Stories of the Great War by a US Combat Marine
Thomas Boyd, Edited and with an Introduction by Steven Trout

Quality Paper
2018. 216 pp.
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2018. 216 pp.
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A masterwork of World War I short stories portraying the experiences of Marines in battle.
Points of Honor: Short Stories of the Great War by a US Combat Marine is based on author Thomas Alexander Boyd’s personal experiences as an enlisted Marine. First published in 1925 and long out of print, this edition rescues from obscurity a vivid, kaleidoscopic vision of American soldiers, US Marines mostly, serving in a global conflict a century ago. It is a true forgotten masterpiece of World War I literature.
The stories in Points of Honor deal almost entirely with Marines in the midst of battle—or faced with the consequences of military violence. The eleven stories in this collection offer a panoramic view of war experience and its aftermath, what Boyd described as “a mass of more human happenings.” The themes are often antiheroic: dehumanization, pettiness, betrayal by loved ones at home, and the cruelty of military justice. But Boyd’s vision also accommodates courage and loyalty. Like all great works of war literature, this collection underscores the central paradox of armed conflict—its ability to bring out both the best and worst in human beings.
This reissue of Points of Honor is edited, annotated, and introduced by Steven Trout. Trout provides an overview of Thomas Boyd’s war experience and writing career and situates the stories within the broader context of World War I American literature.
Points of Honor received strong reviews at the time of its initial publication and remains an overwhelming reading experience today. While each of the stories is a freestanding work of art, when read together they carry the force of a novel.

Thomas Alexander Boyd (1898–1935) was a Marine veteran of World War I and the author of the novel Through the Wheat (1923), widely regarded as one of the finest depictions of combat in American literature. Boyd also wrote historical fiction and biographies of figures such as General “Mad” Anthony Wayne and “Light Horse” Harry Lee, the father of Robert E. Lee.
Steven Trout is the chair of the Department of English and codirector of the Center for the Study of War and Memory at the University of South Alabama. He is the author of On the Battlefield of Memory: The First World War and American Remembrance, 1919–1941 and coeditor of World War I in American Fiction: An Anthology of Short Stories.

"Boyd’s short stories deserve to be read, if not for their anti- or pro-war message than for their characters, their sincerity, and their timeless investigation into manliness, courage, and duty. Trout has done what any serious scholar of a forgotten writer must do if he or she wishes for that writer to make a return: that writer must be brought back into print."
F. Scott Fitzgerald Review

“Thomas Boyd is famous for the novel Through the Wheat, now enshrined as a World War I classic. In Points of Honor, through a set of interlocking narratives, he pulls off something of a short story version of William March’s Company K. A clear and interesting introduction by Steven Trout, pegged for the literate general reader, makes a strong case for the stories as something of an advance over Through the Wheat. Here the characters and situations are diverse, and the modes of narration and development are strikingly varied.”
—Philip D. Beidler, author of Beautiful War: Studies in a Dreadful Fascination and The Victory Album: Reflections on the Good Life after the Good War

"The re-emergence of [Boyd's] stories is welcome.... The book merits wide use in any war-related college course, or as a resource for general readers to better understand how the First World War shaped a generation of young American men. The new edition is affordable for use in classroom settings, and general readers will find it accessible and rewarding as well. Trout’s reissue should bring Points of Honor to a much larger audience than it found in 1925. Boyd’s forgotten masterpiece deserves to claim a spot in the
canon of significant First World War literature.”
First World War Studies

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