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People, Plants, and Landscapes, People, Plants, and Landscapes, 081730827X, 0-8173-0827-X, 978-0-8173-0827-8, 9780817308278, , , People, Plants, and Landscapes, 0817384642, 0-8173-8464-2, 978-0-8173-8464-7, 9780817384647,

People, Plants, and Landscapes
Studies in Paleoethnobotany
Kristen J. Gremillion

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1997. 296 pp.
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296 pp.
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People, Plants, and Landscapes showcases the potential of modern paleoethnobotany, an interdisciplinary field that explores the interactions between human beings and plants by examining archaeological evidence. Using different methods and theoretical approaches, the essays in this work apply botanical knowledge to studies of archaeological plant remains and apply paleoethnobotany to nonarchaeological sources of evidence. The resulting techniques often lie beyond the traditional boundaries of either archaeology or botany.

With this ground-breaking work, the technically and methodologically enhanced paleoethnobotany of the 1990s has joined forces with ecological and evolutionary theory to forge explanations of changing relationships between human and plant populations.

Contents and Contributors:

The Shaping of Modern Paleoethnobotany, Patty Jo Watson

New Perspectives on the Paleoethnobotany of the Newt Kash Shelter, Kristen J. Gremillion

A 3,000-Year-Old Cache of Crop Seeds from Marble Bluff, Arkansas, Gayle J. Fritz

Evolutionary Changes Associated with the Domestication of Cucurbita pepo: Evidence from Eastern Kentucky, C. Wesley Cowan

Anthropogenesis in Prehistoric Northeastern Japan, Gary W. Crawford

Between Farmstead and Center: The Natural and Social Landscape of Moundville, C. Margaret Scarry and Vincas P. Steponaitis

An Evolutionary Ecology Perspective on Diet Choice, Risk, and Plant Domestication, Bruce Winterhalder and Carol Goland

The Ecological Structure and Behavioral Implications of Mast Exploitation Strategies, Paul S. Gardner

Changing Strategies of Indian Field Location in the Early Historic Southeast, Gregory A. Waselkov

Interregional Patterns of Land Use and Plant Management in Native North America, Julia E. Hammett



Kristen J. Gremillion is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at The Ohio State University.

"This book contributes timely and provocative chapters to the literature on anthropogenesis. It has enough variety and coverage to satisfy a wide range of readers." —Gail E. Wagner, University of South Carolina

"An up-to-date barometer of the current status of paleoethnobotany and ecology in investigations of human-plant relations and broad, related questions. . . . A must-buy for anyone actively engaged in these types of research." —Southeastern Archaeology

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