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Moving Parts, Moving Parts, 0914590324, 0-914590-32-4, 978-0-914590-32-3, 9780914590323,

Moving Parts
by Steve Katz

1977. 220 pp.
Price:  $22.95 s

A scandalous fantasy in which He gets under Her skin, but can't get into her identity; the arrival in the morning mail of a mysterious parcel of wrists set him in pursuit; the author takes a real life trip in search of his own fictional Tennessee; an idyll on the quirkiness of the irrepressible number 43. These are the four Moving Parts through which obsession exfoliates identity. These four come together for the first time ever in the West or the East in a unique and innovative book, creating a resonance known only to a few in the far North buried under 86 feet of snow, where you must never touch your tongue to the blade of your knife.

"a contentious knight of Hope out to do battle with the toothless electronic Dragon of Commerce."
—American Book Review

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