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The Model City of the New South, The Model City of the New South, 0817308180, 0-8173-0818-0, 978-0-8173-0818-6, 9780817308186,

The Model City of the New South
Anniston, Alabama, 1872-1900
by Grace Hooten Gates

Quality Paper
1996. 336 pp.
Price:  $34.95 s

Anniston's early years constitute a fascinating story of the collaborative
efforts of an Englishman and a Connecticut Yankee to develop the iron resources
of northeast Alabama at a time when the area was struggling to recover
from the devastating effects of the Civil War. The result was a robust,
successful new town that benefited from their profit-minded business
acumen and from their paternalistic but utopian mind-set. With town-building
and boosting efforts, Anniston soon became known to contemporaries as "the
model city of the New South."

The town's economic survival through booms and busts is a study in
marketing and diversification, of reliance on old liaisons in hard times.
Originally published in 1978 and now reprinted in a paperbound edition
with a new preface, the book explores Anniston's first quarter century and
yields rich material because it cuts across several historical fields, including urban,
economic, quantitative, social, and political history, as well as labor and race relations.



Grace Hooten Gates is an independent scholar living in Anniston,
Alabama. She has taught at Jacksonville State University and has served as
President of the Alabama Historical Association.

"The Model City of the New South is a solid accomplishment, worthy of close scholarly attention and deserving a wide general audience."
The Alabama Review

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