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A Marine Dive-bomber Pilot at Guadalcanal, A Marine Dive-bomber Pilot at Guadalcanal, 0817312838, 0-8173-1283-8, 978-0-8173-1283-1, 9780817312831,

A Marine Dive-bomber Pilot at Guadalcanal
by John Howard McEniry, Jr

Quality Paper
2003. 200 pp.
Price:  $34.95 s


This book chronicles the World War II experiences of the author, who serve as a Marine Corps pilot in the South Pacific. Colonel McEniry describes the organization and deployment of a Marine dive-bombing squadron (VMSB-132) in the early days of the war and follows the squadron through its actions in November and December of 1942.
            The participation by the squadron in the naval battle of Guadalcanal, November 12-15, 1942, is related in detail and includes the personal experinces of the author on several bombing missions. This battle, described by Admiral Ernest J. King, the Chief of Naval Operations, as “the fiercest naval battle ever fought,” resulted in the loss by the Japanese of two battleships, ten transport ships, and numerous cruisers and destroyers.


Colonel John Howard McEniry, Jr., USMCR Ret. Practiced law in Bessemer, Alabama, until his retirement in 1982.

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