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The Great Taste of Straight People, The Great Taste of Straight People, 1573660345, 1-57366-034-5, 978-1-57366-034-1, 9781573660341,

The Great Taste of Straight People
by Lily James

Quality Paper
1997. 194 pp.
Price:  $18.95 s

While academics argue over who actually invented the word "postfeminism," writers like Lily James are engaged in the task of creating what comes after the feminist movement. Beyond the Buzz, chick-lit postfeminist writing has created some of the hippest eye-catchers in contemporary fiction. This fiction is funny, wry and new. As Eurudice commented, "It is a must-have for girls that have considered selling out."

In The Great Taste of Straight People, Lily James spanks the eternal theme of Chaos vs. Order. Her characters are True Believers, obsessed with the desire to organize relationships, behaviors, and entire lives around earnestly illogical systems. These stories are sincere yet always surprising, brainy yet always entertaining.

Lily James grew up in Detroit, became entangled with communists, divorced politics, became entangled with rock 'n' roll, divorced music, married the internet, and now co-edits an online phenomenon called The Postfeminist Playground with Susannah Breslin.  She lives in Chicago with her husband, her hound dog, and an ungodly cat.


"These in-your-face fictions are the epitome of the post-feminist writing we call chick-lit.  Not only are these pieces funny, perplexing, hysterical, histrionic, loud, astute, disturbing, playful, sharp-edged and scathing, in their frenzy they demonstrate the range of ideas a woman can write about."--Cris Mazza, author of Is It Sexual Harassment Yet?

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