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Essentials of English Grammar, Essentials of English Grammar, 0817304525, 0-8173-0452-5, 978-0-8173-0452-2, 9780817304522,

Essentials of English Grammar
by Otto Jespersen

Quality Paper
1964. 392 pp.
Price:  $27.50 s


A classic of English grammar, Essentials of English Grammar provides a common ground for the traditionalist and the structural or descriptive linguist. Jespersen’s work provides insight into the fundamental concepts that underlie the linguistic approach, but at the same time the foundation of the traditional approach is retained.

“A very valuable work by one of the foremost authorities on the English language. No library should fail to acquire it; it is possibly the best one-volume treatment of English grammar to date.” – Choice

“It is extraordinary that the greatest authority on English grammar at the present day should be a Danish professor. . . . Jespersen’s treatment of English grammar is far more logical and far more elastic than the traditional methods. He writes with the ease of perfect mastery.” – Teacher’s World (England)

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