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Jeffrey DeShell

Jeffrey DeShell is the author of the novels In Heaven Everything is Fine, S & M, and Peter: An (A)Historical Romance. He lives in Denver, Colorado.

He is the author of "Arthouse: a Novel." 2010.

Author of Expectation:  A Francisca Fruscella Mystery (2013).

Books by Jeffrey DeShell

Trouble with Being Born (Quality Paper)
Trouble with Being Born (E Book)
S & M (Quality Paper)
Arthouse (Quality Paper)
Arthouse (E Book)
Expectation (Quality Paper)
Expectation (E Book)
Masses and Motets (Quality Paper)
Masses and Motets (E Book)
Chick Lit Postfeminist Fiction (Quality Paper)
Chick Lit 2 (Quality Paper)