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Corruption and Politics in Contemporary Mexico, Corruption and Politics in Contemporary Mexico, 0817305254, 0-8173-0525-4, 978-0-8173-0525-3, 9780817305253,

Corruption and Politics in Contemporary Mexico
by Stephen D. Morris

Quality Paper
1991. 224 pp.
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This book addresses the causes, effects, and dynamics of political corruption in Mexico. Systematic analysis of corruption is critical to a better understanding of the politics of Mexico, and despite the many conceptual and methodological obstacles, the importance of the subject matter demands treatment. Morris’s work should therefore be seen not as definitive, but as an initial step in understanding a central dimension of Mexican politics.
Corruption, as a topic of research, invites certain misunderstandings, as it is a broad concept conveying a variety of moral connotations. This inquiry into political corruption is not intended to depict the Mexican people or society as any less or more moral than others. The study draws on extensive content analysis of news reports from the Mexican press, a public opinion poll conducted in 1986, and personal interviews. The objective is not to expose scandals and wrongdoing by Mexican officials, name names, or point fingers; it is an academic endeavor. The author discusses scandals and gives examples of corruption for illustrative purposes, but his analysis is more theoretical than anecdotal. He questions whether in fact corruption has enhanced or diminished the stability of the Mexican government, and examines the reasons for the failure of many anti-corruption efforts.


 Stephen D. Morris is Director of International Studies and Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of South Alabama.

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