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Columbus, Georgia, 1865
The Last True Battle of the Civil War
Charles A. Misulia

Trade Cloth
2010. 352 pp.
20 B&W figures / 11 maps
Price:  $49.95 t

An account that will long stand as the definitive treatment
In this work, Charles A. Misulia, a lifelong student of the Civil War and expert on the Battle of Columbus, provides a comprehensive study of the Easter Sunday, April 16, 1865, conflict. The struggle occurred in the dark of night, extended over a mile and half through a series of forts and earthworks, and was finally decided in an encounter on a bridge a thousand feet in length.
Misulia presents the first complete account of this battle, examining and recounting in depth not only the composition and actions of the contending forces, which numbered some three thousand men on each side, but meticulously detailing the effect of the engagement on the city of Columbus and its environs. As such, this book fills in an omission in the grand account of our cataclysmic national struggle and also adds a significant chapter to the history of an important regional city. 
In addition, Misulia bravely takes on the long-vexing question of which encounter should be seen as the last “battle” of the Civil War and argues persuasively that Columbus, Georgia, qualifies for this distinction on a number of counts.

Charles A. Misulia is a Florida attorney and the president of Veteran Arms, LLC, a Georgia-based company specializing in reproductions of historical firearms. He has also worked extensively in historical film and is the author/narrator of Battle of Columbus: Audio Driving Tour and Maps.

“There is no arguing that Charles A. Misulia's position is thoroughly researched, organized, and thought out. Columbus Georgia, 1865 is a fine addition to the continuing war of words that the American Civil War has become.”
On Point, The Journal of Army History

“Columbus, Georgia 1865: The Last True Battle of the Civil War is one of those refreshing and rare books in the veritable flood of Civil War-related literature, one that truly offers something new for readers. Far from yet another attempt at reinterpreting oft-repeated information, author Charles Misulia explores in an engaging fashion a little-known story that has received surprisingly scant scholarly attention. The book is thoroughly researched, comprehensive in scope and content, and well written.”
?—Georgia Historical Quarterly

“Misulia's excellent research and clear prose make for an enjoyable and instructive read. His narrative clearly follows the action from Alabama to Georgia and then focuses on Columbus. His passion for the subject helps the story, and his work, if viewed as local history, is outstanding. . . . Overall, Misulia provides a well-crafted story that allows those interested in the Civil War to delve into battlefield tactics, broader strategies, soldiers' experiences, and civilian concerns at a transitional period from wartime to postwar reconstruction.”
The Alabama Review

"With his book, Columbus Georgia 1865: The Last True Battle of the Civil War, Misulia has filled a void in Civil War literature too long overshadowed and overlooked. His book rightly deserves its place on the bookshelves of Civil War scholars and enthusiasts alike, alongside other histories of Civil War battles such as Shiloh, Antietam, Gettysburg and Chickamauga."
Civil War Notebook

“Charles Misulia's lasting contribution is that of a deeply researched and expertly written battle history that will likely stand the test of time. Columbus, Georgia 1865 is highly recommended reading for students of western theater battles and those with a special interest in the waning moments of the conflict.”
—Civil War Books and Authors

“A lean, well-written, compelling narrative of the Battle of Columbus, Georgia. It begins with the larger context of James H. Wilson’s massive cavalry campaign through Alabama and Georgia in the waning days of the war, and carries the story through the destruction of Columbus by Wilson’s troops in the aftermath of the battle on April 16, 1865. It is so detailed, deeply researched, and meticulous that I feel completely confident in declaring that it will be the definitive account of this battle.”
—Lawrence F. Kohl, editor of The Irish Brigade and Its Campaigns and The Story of the 116th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion

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