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Blake, Ethics, and Forgiveness, Blake, Ethics, and Forgiveness, 0817306781, 0-8173-0678-1, 978-0-8173-0678-6, 9780817306786,

Blake, Ethics, and Forgiveness
by Jeanne Moskal

Trade Cloth
1994. 240 pp.
Price:  $39.95 s


For the last two decades, scholars who specialize in the poetry and art of William Blake have stressed the formal and historical dimensions of his aesthetic theories and practices. Such an emphasis neglects the ethical commitments that inform his work. Primary among these ethical commitments is Blake’s passionate advocacy of forgiveness between human beings as a means to solve the problem of human evil, an advocacy that seems to contradict Blake’s assertions that ethical laws create the illusion of human evil and employ the concept of “forgiveness” solely to reinforce the terms of the original oppression.
            Blake, Ethics, and Forgiveness focuses on an important and pervasive issue found in the work of the English Romantic visionary poet, engraver, and mystic William Blake. It treats the moral and literary problem of representing ethical or human forgiveness, as distinct from the divine forgiveness of human beings.



Jeanne Moskal is Associate Professor of English at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Blake, Ethics, and Forgiveness is an original and thoughtful book. It examines with remarkable thoroughness and clarity a topic of enduring importance to William Blake as poet, visual artist, man, and Christian. Moskal demonstrates that the problem of forgiveness occupies Blake from his early antinomian days through his work on his major prophecies to his last years as illustrator and interpreter of the works of others.” – Don Bialostosky, The University of Toledo


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