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Creating Community, Creating Community, 0817354999, 0-8173-5499-9, 978-0-8173-5499-2, 9780817354992, , , Creating Community, 0817314636, 0-8173-1463-6, 978-0-8173-1463-7, 9780817314637, , , Creating Community, 0817380426, 0-8173-8042-6, 978-0-8173-8042-7, 9780817380427,

Creating Community
Life and Learning at Montgomery's Black University

Quality Paper
2008. 192 pp.
11 Illus
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E Book
2007. 192 pp.
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A community of inquiry and pride in central Alabama.

Creating Community
explores how faculty members at Alabama State University, a historically black university in Montgomery, have been inspired by the legacy of African American culture and the civil rights movement and how they seek to interpret and extend that legacy through teaching, scholarship, and service. Authors describe a wide range of experiences from the era of segregation to the present day. These include accounts of growing up and going to college in Alabama, arriving in the South for the first time to teach at ASU, and the development of programs such as the National Center for the Study of Civil Rights and African American Culture. Together, the essays present viewpoints that reflect the diverse ethnic, cultural, and academic backgrounds of the contributors and of the university.

Karl E. Westhauser is Associate Professor of History, Elaine M. Smith is retired Assistant Professor of History, and Jennifer A. Fremlin is Associate Professor of English and Humanities, all at Alabama State University.

“The voices speak about what it means to be a black college, what it means to be Alabamian by birth or migration, southerness from insider and outsider perspectives, and community in a historical vacuum of islandism. The voices speak about faculty roles and responsibilities in the changing landscape of higher education and generational spurts in the student population. The voices speak about unintelligible whisperings of unknown and unnamed things that may or may not exist. To the extent that Creating Community gives voice to any one of these areas of comment, it fills a great gap in our knowing and serves a most useful purpose."--M. Christopher Brown II, author of The Quest to Define Collegiate Desegregation