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Black Education in Alabama, 1865-1901, Black Education in Alabama, 1865-1901, 0817351450, 0-8173-5145-0, 978-0-8173-5145-8, 9780817351458,

Black Education in Alabama, 1865-1901

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2005. 224 pp.
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Explains and describes the development of black private and public, elementary, secondary, normal, and collegiate education in Alabama from emancipation to 1901

The study of education in Alabama is especially important in understanding black education throughout the United States since the most famous black school, Booker T. Washington's Tuskegee Institute, is located in Alabama and began as a state teachers’ training school. A history of black education in Alabama provides a test case of the frequently assumed dominance of Booker T. Washington and his plan of "industrial'' or vocational training in black education.

"Sherer . . . views black education from an enlightening perspective. Since public education is organized around state aid and legislation, his approach allows Sherer to trace the role of state legislation and administrative policy and analyze efforts of black educators to lobby for various measures. . . . Well executed."

American Historical Review

"A model for future research."


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