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Schools in the Landscape
Localism, Cultural Tradition, and the Development of Alabama's Public Education System, 1865-1915

Trade Cloth
2010. 232 pp.
15 Illustrations, 3 Maps
Price:  $39.95 s
E Book
2010. 232 pp.
15 Illustrations, 3 Maps
Price:  $39.95 d

This richly researched and impressively argued work is a history of public schooling in Alabama in the half century following the Civil War. It engages with depth and sophistication Alabama’s social and cultural life in the period that can be characterized by the three “R”s: Reconstruction, redemption, and racism. Alabama was a mostly rural, relatively poor, and culturally conservative state, and its schools reflected the assumptions of that society.

Edith M. Ziegler is an Australian historian who is an adjunct lecturer in the School of Humanities at the University of New England in Australia. After a corporate career spent largely in an American multinational corporation she retired early to pursue her long-held interest in the social and cultural history of the United States. Dr. Ziegler lives in Sydney, Australia. Her first book Schools in the Landscape: Localism, Cultural Tradition and the Development of Alabama’s Public Education System, 1865-1915 was published by the University of Alabama Press in 2010.

“This book is clear in its thesis, logical in its development, engagingly written, and carefully documented. It fills a much-lamented hole in our knowledge of what happened to public education in the South in the years following the Civil War.”

—Marian E. Strobel, William Montgomery Burnett Professor, Department of History, Furman University

“This is the most thorough (and insightful) analysis of education in Alabama that anyone has yet produced, and I do not think it will be equaled anytime soon.”
—Harvey H. Jackson III, author of Inside Alabama: A Personal History of My State

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