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Chronicle of a Failure Foretold
The Peace Process of Colombian President Andrés Pastrana

2007. 248 pp.
8 illustrations
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Quality Paper
2007. 248 pp.
8 illustrations
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E Book
2008. 248 pp.
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Charts the progress and failure of Colombian President Andrés Pastrana’s efforts to bring an end to sixty years of civil war.

The civil war in Colombia has waxed and waned for almost sixty years with shifting goals, programs, and tactics among the contending parties and with bursts of appalling violence punctuated by uneasy truces, cease-fires, and attempts at reconciliation. Varieties of Marxism, the economics of narco-trafficking, peasant land hunger, poverty, and oppression mix together in a toxic stew that has claimed uncounted lives of (most often) peasants, conscript soldiers, and people who just got in the way.

Hope for resolution of this conflict is usually confined to dreamers and millenialists of various persuasions, but occasionally an attempt is made at a breakthrough in the military stalemate between the government and the Marxist groups. One of the most promising such attempts was made by new Colombian President Andrés Pastrana at a time when the main rebel groups seemed receptive to serious dialogue. This book is an account of that effort at peace, accompanied at the outset by domestic and international support and hope, and yet doomed like so many others to eventual failure.

Through interviews with many of the actors in this drama, as well as an understanding of the various interest groups and economic forces at work in Colombia, Dr. Kline charts the progress and ultimate failure of this effort, and thereby hopes to increase understanding of the causes of its lack of success. The importance of the resolution of the conflict to the region and to ordinary citizens of this troubled land cannot be


Harvey F. Kline is Professor of Political Science at The University of Alabama and author of State Building and Conflict Resolution in Colombia, 1986-1994.



"Since the early 1990s, the Colombian insurgency has been by far the most serious in Latin America. This book makes an original and significant contribution to the field by offering a detailed chronology of the Colombian peace process with both the FARC and the ELN. Kline is an informed analyst who has dedicated much of his professional life to the study of Colombian politics"
—Cynthia McClintock, author of Revolutionary Movements in Latin America: El Savador’s FMLN and Peru’s Shining Path

"The research is detailed and the narrative flows quite well. This is an excellent book, a compelling read that makes an important contribution to conflict-resolution literature"
—Adam Isacson, Director, Colombia Program, Center for International Policy

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