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Apocalypse and After, Apocalypse and After, 081730732X, 0-8173-0732-X, 978-0-8173-0732-5, 9780817307325,

Apocalypse and After
Modern Strategy and Postmodern Tactics in Pound, Williams, and Zukofsky

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1995. 232 pp.
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    Apocalypse and After examines the development of Modernism into Postmodernism as it occurs in the works of three major poets and attends closely to the social and political dimensions of that development as embodied in these writers’ distinctive poetics. Modernism’s struggle to develop a new global strategy was to a great extent a response to the catastrophe of World War I, while the Postmodern resort to fragmentary tactics stems from the failure of Modernist strategy both to avert World War II and to come to terms with the horror of the atomic bomb.


Bruce Comens is Assistant Professor of English at Temple University.



“Comens offers the most persuasive account that I have yet seen of the movement from Modernism to Postmodernism, with Pound as an ultimately tragic example of the perils of Modernism, with Williams presented as an incipient Postmodernist, and with Zukofsky as representative of a fully developed Postmodernist.”—Burton Hatlen, University of Maine

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