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For U.S. Mail Services:
The University of Alabama Press
Box 870380
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0380
For Parcel and Express Delivery Services:
The University of Alabama Press
200 Hackberry Lane, 2nd Floor
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487
Fax: 205-348-9201
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Linda Manning Director 205-348-1560
Kristen Hop Assistant to the Director 205-348-5180
Claire Lewis Evans Intellectual Property, Rights, and Permissions Manager 205-348-1561
Daniel Waterman Editor-in-Chief
American Literature and Criticism, Rhetoric and Communication, Creative Non-Fiction, Linguistics, African-American Studies, Public Administration, Theater, Art, Southern Culture, American Military History, American Religious History, Judaic and Holocaust Studies, Regional Studies of Alabama and the Southern United States, including Regional Trade Titles
Elizabeth Motherwell Senior Acquisitions Editor
Natural History, Environmental History, Histories of Science, Technology, Agriculture, Medicine, Outdoor Guides, and Regional Trade Titles
Wendi Schnaufer Senior Acquisitions Editor
Archaeology, Anthropology, Latin American / Caribbean Studies, Food Studies, Native American Studies / Ethnohistory
Donna Cox Baker Aquisitions Editor for History
American and Southern History, Alabama History, and Civil War History
Jon Berry Managing Editor 205-348-1565
Joanna Jacobs Assistant Managing Editor 205-348-1563
Carol Connell Editorial Assistant 205-348-5183
Clint Kimberling Director of Sales & Marketing 205-348-1566
Kristi Henson Sales Manager 205-348-9534
Blanche Sarratt Marketing Coordinator 205-348-3476
Rick Cook Production Manager 205-348-1571
Michele Myatt Quinn Art Director and Book Designer 205-348-1570
David Nees Production Assistant and Book Designer 205-348-9665
Rosalyn Carr Business Manager 205-348-1567
Allie Harper Accounting Specialist 205-348-1564