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American Writers Remembered

The American Writers Remembered book series provides unfiltered first-hand impressions and information about many of America’s most significant late-nineteenth- and twentieth-century literary figures. At a time when students, teachers, and scholars have at their disposal an often overwhelming and sometimes confusing array of secondary material about America's greatest writers, this series enables readers to form their own pictures and opinions, to assemble the evidence in their own way.

These books also provide students and researchers access to difficult-to-find material (from obscure or out-of-print newspapers and magazines) as well as previously unpublished texts, such as letters from and to each subject. Each volume in the series is assembled and edited by a significant and accomplished scholar, always an acknowledged expert on the American author who is the subject of the volume.

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Eugene O'Neill Remembered
Edited by Brenda Murphy and George Monteiro
Trade Cloth (2016)
$59.95 s
E Book (2016)
$59.95 d
Frank Norris Remembered
Edited by Jesse S. Crisler, Joseph R. McElrath, Jr.
Trade Cloth (2013)
$44.95 s
E Book (2013)
$44.95 d
Katherine Anne Porter Remembered
Darlene Harbour Unrue
Trade Cloth (2010)
$49.95 s
E Book (2010)
$49.95 d
Sherwood Anderson Remembered
Edited by Welford Dunaway Taylor
Trade Cloth (2009)
$49.95 s
Sinclair Lewis Remembered
Edited by Gary Scharnhorst, Matthew Hofer
Trade Cloth (2012)
$49.95 s
E Book (2012)
$49.95 d
Thomas Wolfe Remembered
Edited by Mark Canada and Nami Montgomery
Trade Cloth (2018)
$49.95 s
E Book (2018)
$49.95 d